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South Bound Fly Expeditions

Branding & Content Creation

At Below The Sierra, we take pride in helping small businesses stand out in their respective markets. One such success story is South Bound Fly Expeditions, a small fishing charter based in Southern Louisiana. Specializing in fly fishing Red Drum by sight, South Bound Fly Expeditions was looking to build a brand that accurately reflects their unique offerings and sets them apart from the competition. We were thrilled to help them achieve that goal.

We started by creating a stunning logo that captures the essence of Southern Louisiana and the Red Drum fly fishing experience. The logo features a striking image of a Red Drum in action. It perfectly captures the excitement and adventure that awaits customers when they book a trip with South Bound Fly Expeditions.

But we didn't stop there. We also created content to populate their social media pages, with a focus on short-form videos that would be best for Instagram Reels. We knew that this platform would be perfect for reaching the target audience and increasing engagement. Our team of creatives worked closely with South Bound Fly Expeditions to create videos that showcased the beauty of Southern Louisiana and the thrill of fly fishing for Red Drum. These videos helped generate buzz around the brand, increasing their social media following and attracting new customers.

The combination of a stunning logo and engaging social media content helped South Bound Fly Expeditions stand out in a competitive market. They were able to build a loyal following and establish themselves as a go-to destination for fly fishing enthusiasts. We were thrilled to have played a part in their success and continue to work with them as they expand their offerings and reach new heights. We like to boast that the content we created helped South Bound Fly Expeditions reach new highs. The account gaining over ten thousand views on select videos, showing off what the charter is capable of to over seventeen thousand unique profiles in that month. Having a social media account like this brings in new clients and is essential to growing a business.

At Below The Sierra, we understand the importance of branding and social media in today's market. That's why we are committed to helping small businesses like South Bound Fly Expeditions achieve their goals and stand out in their respective markets. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help.


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